THURSDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2012 11:55

A Visit to La Petrella

Susan Ashe’s translation of Stendhal’s Roman Tales will be published in the Friday Project's Library of Lost Books in November 2012.


In the foreword to his five-act tragedy The Cenci, Shelley writes, ‘Of the Castle of Petrella, I could obtain no further information than that which is to be found in the manuscript ... [FULL ENTRY]


FRIDAY, 04 NOVEMBER 2011 10:53

Rediscovering Stendhal

A few months ago, rummaging among old papers, we came across a draft translation by Susan Ashe of the last book Stendhal published in his lifetime, the three long stories of The Abbess of Castro. His book appeared in 1839; Susan’s typescript was dated 1980. It had lain neglected for more than thirty years, and it seemed to us high time we did something with it.

        The Abbess story itself is a short novel ... [FULL ENTRY]