SUNDAY, 25 MARCH 2012 17:37

The House Where San Giuseppe Lives

This  story forms part of NTdiG’s novel,Tillie and the Tailor, set in Boston’s North End.


The neatly-dressed old lady was explaining to the young man in heavily-accented English.

       ‘You see over here the window, nice. Over here sink, nice ... [FULL ENTRY]


THURSDAY, 29 DECEMBER 2011 16:28


A short story by Susan Ashe. A team of scientists, baffled by the behaviour of a pair of starving pandas, refuse to believe that they can turn into marauding demons.


She sat back on her haunches and seemed to be scratching herself. The scientists, who had her under surveillance, were worried about her, for, though she was in cub, she was thin and disinclined to eat. Now, spurning a small clump of fresh bamboo, she sniffed the air ... [FULL ENTRY]