MONDAY, 06 FEBRUARY 2012 10:37

Three Words

There is nothing more annoying when you are absorbed in reading a foreign author than to be suddenly brought up short by what you know to be a mistranslated word.

       I was recently looking into Ignazio Silone’s novel Bread and Wine, written in 1936 and first published in English in 1937, then extensively revised by the author in 1955. Seven years later, this new edition elicited a new English version ... [FULL ENTRY]


TUESDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2011 10:46

Working for the Future

Most of the French novelist Stendhal’s work was written in the 1830s. One of the many impressive things about him was his clear-sightedness. He knew, and never fails to inform us, that he was writing not for the contemporary reader but for readers fifty years hence. He was of course proved right.

        I myself have been engaged in an enterprise that I will never see published in my lifetime ... [FULL ENTRY]